Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Very good blog i ever see about debugging on Windows

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This blog is dedicated to the advanced debugging and troubleshooting of scenarios on Microsoft Windows platforms. It is contributed to by the Microsoft Global Escalation Services team (Formerly Critical Problem Resolution (CPR))

The Microsoft GES Platforms team consists of seasoned escalation engineers (EEs) that spend their days debugging and digging deep into Windows code and related issues and the internals of the Windows operating system. A few tools of our trade are the windows kernel debugger, Windbg, Perfmon, Netmon (networking issues), and code profilers.

they will be focusing on how to troubleshoot issues at a low level and wherever possible find root cause for the failure you may be seeing. Some examples would be: how to isolate hangs, CPU spins, crashes, memory leaks, performance (slowness)